Vector NLS Personal Biofeedback (2019)

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  • Vector NLS Personal Biofeedback (2019)
  • Vector NLS Personal Biofeedback (2019)
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Vector 2019 Edition

Now Designed and Developed by
Biostar Technology International
of ​United States of America

Biostar Technology International has the most  advanced Biofeedback devices on the market.

Vector NLS Biofeedback Bio-resonance devices are among the most widely counterfeited device. In fact, while you don't see our trademark name on the device, they run our copyright software. In 2018, Vector Limited ("Russia") and Biostar Technology international ("USA") began a partnership to stamp out the illegal use of Vector. In addition, Biostar Technology has updated various aspects of the Vector NLS Biofeedback system to include the next generation hardware and security features. 

Biostar Technology has won worldwide recognition for its innovation and design. When Biostar Technology acquired the Vector Brand, we set out to mark a distinct trend in the market. Like all of our ideas, Biostar Technology always lands ahead of other devices on the market. Our unique innovative "Tesla Quad Antenna" has been integrated in this futuristic design.


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