Biostar LUX

The Next Generation Quantum Response Technology


Detect the root cause of your clients problems at an energetic level within seconds & get amazing clinical results. Learn how cutting edge science can help you to look beyond symptoms and to see the whole picture – health & well-being is no longer a puzzle. The scan takes only 10 seconds to complete, in most cases, our devices therapeutic success can be felt immediately and in the long term help to resolve health issues. Analysis is complete, the results are easy to understand and results can be emailed or printed.

Human medicine
Support in the treatment of physical ailments such as tinnitus or burn-out as well as in chronic diseases. Promote balance and stability at the mental level.

Veterinary medicine
In the field of psyche, general health, prophylaxis and motivation, significant improvements are achieved. The treatment is completely painless and stress-free and represents a very gentle form of therapy.

Sports Medicine
Perfect preparation of body and mind to the increased requirement. The biosystem is completely balanced and is fully powerful.


Medical Wellness
The balancing process is perceived as very pleasant, the body and soul are put into a deep relaxation state within a very short time – an optimal preparation for further applications.

Environmental medicine 
An option for using the energy reserves and possibilities of plants naturally and thus in an environmentally friendly manner. The self-healing powers of plants enable them to ward off pests. They simply need immune support at times. A fully functional energy system enables the plant not only to absorb nutrients properly but also to utilize them optimally.

Personal Development / Coaching
Optimal support in personality development. Blockages are detected and sensibly solved.