Biostar VOX

Biostar VOX nano

This technology which has been in development for many years is now ready to begin entering the mainstream of awareness and acceptance. Most every health issues can have the opportunity to be supported with the Sound Technology. Not only can Sound Technology provide analysis into the human body, but with the use of proprietary Tone Boxes, in which we can introduce information into the brain.Clients are situated in a suitable position for testing – this can be standing, sitting or lying down. Individual tones are provided to the client for a duration of 30-60 seconds.
  1. 16 Essential Vitamins:
  2. Spine Program: The human spinal column is made up of 33 bones – 7 vertebrae in the cervical region, 12 in the thoracic region, 5 in the lumbar region, 5 in the sacral region and 4 in the coccygeal region.
  3. Epstine Barr Virus – a program to train the brain to help resolv and bring co-herience
  4. Pain Killers (BioAcoutically)
  5. Thyriod
  6. Liver, Lung, Gallbladder Detox
  7. Heart Health
  8. Gout
  9. Hiccups
  10. Sleep
  11. And we can create custom tones programs for each individual

After a vocal sample is captured, computer analysis is used to determine the most appropriate frequencies that will be evaluated during tone trials. These frequencies are established using information supplied by the referring physician reported issues from the client, data from vocal samples, comparisons against other client vocal prints who have similar issues and a client’s responses during soundbiotics presentation.

Once a soundbiotics Research Associate has identified the frequencies to be tested, the next step is to determine the most suitable form of feedback that will assist in the establishment of the appropriate tones to be used for long term sound presentation. During tone trials, objective as well as subjective feedback is used to refine the formula sets. Positive and negative emotional physiological responses are used to assist in the establishment of specific frequencies; assembled in the appropriate combinations, for the proper amount of time.

The client is then asked to evaluate the tones in terms of any physical or physiological reactions they may be experiencing. Frequency techniques include a variety of objective measurements. In the case of muscle involvement, the tones may be used for up to two minutes during the testing phase of sound presentation. Data is gathered as each soundbiotics is presented and directly after each tone is concluded for biofeedback reactions. Unless otherwise indicated, no more than 10 to 12 tones are tested in any one session.

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