Bio-Photon Analyzer

Bio-Photon Analyzer

Biophoton Light Therapy (BioCoherency Light Therapy), is completely non-intrusive, comfortable and safe by finding and eliminating “causes” of a disorder correcting disturbances through the medium of light and information. Restoring “the software” that runs all systems in your body, at last enabling it to carry out its own healing process the body begins to recover from such disturbances. At the end of this process, all symptoms disappear on their own, and the body’s innate ability to recover from illnesses is restored.  An important factor to realize is that it is always your own body that does the healing once such disturbing causes have been removed.

Measurement and Testing: Meridians are “energy highways” that run on the surface of the body and end on the hands and feet. With the Biostar Technology using biophoton light therapy, we measure the light coherence of 100 meridian points on your hands and feet using Tesla coil Hand-pads. 

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    Color SuperTuning (Package)

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