Diana Brown Vykhovanets – Oberon

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Diana Brown Vykhovanets: a.k.a."Oberon"

Ex-Vector Distributor becomes a Counterfeiter

Ex-Dealer gets Fired a second time and spins off Fake NLS Devices since 2017

In 2018 this company was fired from Vector OOO (Ltd.) Russian dealership. (see letter left). The company created a spin-off NLS device under "Oberon" - a name stolen from an Original manufacturer of NLS technology in Germany Metavital in order to make themselves look original. 
(Left) is our FB warning and the letter of Revocation that gives them NO RIGHTS to use the software or logo using the Trademark "Vector", now owner by Biostar Technology International, LLC. 
D.K.G. is operating out of Washington in USA. They are also Ex-Dealers of Khachatur Mkrtchyan (DiacomSoft.com) .
Please note this company does not own and Trademarks or Copyrights for the software they sell. 
We have many complaints about this company as they impersonate our trademarks and produce misinformation.

Biostar Cancels misleading-Vector Trademark

Behind the scenes, Biostar Technology works very hard to protect its Intellectual Property and Brand names, to secure YOUR investment. Biostar owns the software copyrights and Trademarks for Biostar and Vector. Since 2016 we have worked hard to combat, the illegal use of our Trademarks and Copyrights, we own: DIACOM, BIOSTAR, and VECTOR because our industry is filled with dishonest black-market traders of health technology, otherwise not normally needed.

These Black-market distributors, are selling devices, with no authorization, knowledge, or ability, they prey on stealing software and hardware to develop counterfeit, clones and knock-offs of the Original Biostar Technology. Titles such as Bioplasm, 8D/9D, Oberon, Metapathia, Hunter, Biophillia, Bioscan, etc, and also people using our Trademarks such as Diacom, Biostar, and Vector ALL have been attacked. From 2016-2019 have defended and won several times our Diacom trademark. In 2017-18 defended and won damages against our Biostar Trademark, and now from 2018-2019 we defended and won against people using our Vector Trademark! In this image, the United States Government granted Biostar Technology the request to cancel an illegitimate Trademark registered by the Black-market sellers of the Fake Oberon in an attempt to squat on our Brand name and deceive the public. Thanks to us, they did not succeed and, ultimately they had to Abandoned their misleading-trademark; desperately, they still continue to trick others into purchasing Fake-Oberon and Fake-Biophilia (thru their China/Taiwan partner), and thru their “shill” agents. What are “shill” agents? They are black-market sellers who pose as innocent users of the software and start Facebook groups to posts and nefariously work in unison to create disinformation – ultimately to try and discredit our company and get people to purchase their counterfeit devices. Once again, we defend ourselves by going to court and prove to the public that Biostar Technology rights prevail. Once more, the reason Biostar does this fight for YOUR investment but also for our #1: The Client. The client should never be disadvantaged by faulty hardware or stolen software, because their time is the most precious. Nor should they be subjected to dishonest practitioners who purchase counterfeits, I think indirectly tarnish the credibility of other health professionals, and so this WIN is for everyone 

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