Biostar LUX - ColorLab II (Digital)

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biostar-q-light-colorlab-ii.jpgColored light

treatment with brilliant colors Q.Light COLOR LIGHT UNIT enables the best color light treatments with state-of-the-art HIGH POWER LED technology with remote control. Q.Light COLOR LIGHT UNIT works absolutely noiselessly and saves energy. 

A brilliant color rendering as well as the easiest handling and assembly as well as over 5,000 operating hours guarantee you optimum color light treatments at a favorable price. 

The Biostar LUX - ColorLab II (Digital) therapy systems were specially developed for use in the following areas:
- Color therapists 
- Cosmetic institutes 
- Wellness institutes 
- Naturopaths 
- Application at home

A comfortable push of a button on the credit card sized remote control allows you to emit white light and 15 brilliant colors: RED, AMBER, ORANGE, YELLOW, GOLD, GREEN, TURQUOISE, CYAN, LIGHT BLUE, DARK BLUE, BLUE, KING BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET and MAGENTA. 

Color light treatment with effective colors

You can choose from four different, preset programs:





Program ENERGY: flashing gradient in the interval of 20 s

Program REGENERATION: regular color gradient in the interval of 60 s

Program BALANCE: flowing color gradient in the interval of 15 s

Program HARMONY: gentle and soft color gradient in the interval of 60 s


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