Quantum Resonance

Quantum Resonance

A Powerful New Advancement In Energy Medicine

The Biostar Q Quantum Resonance System helps you to detect and correct patterns of energy in your client’s body through quantum superposition:

  • Biostar Technology

    Biostar Q (Quantum Resonance Technology)

    Introducing Biostar-Q an advanced biofeedback device made in Germany utilizing state-of-the-art proprietary bio-cybernetic technology based upon the works of physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla and Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research (P.E.A.R.)...
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  • Color SuperTuning (Package)

    Bruce Copen

    Color SuperTuning (Package)

    Color Supertuning testing: Energetic level Psychosomatic level Regulative levels Spinal level 64 Full body zones Chakras energetic system Over 40 pre-recorded programs customized on different symptoms Color Supertuning therapy: With the 12...
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  • Bruce Copen

    MARS III - Radionic System

    MARS III - Psychosomatic Biofeedback device Mars III is a versatile and complex computer controlled psychosomatic biofeedback system worldwide. It works according the newest bioenergetic and informational medicine findings. It may be categorized...
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