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Trademark counterfeiting is when an established trademark is put on a product or service that is not one of the legitimate goods offered by the trademark owner. Please make sure to visit our Trademark  Counterfeit  Library.

Our EU Trademarks have been in commerce since 2009

Biostar Technology International, LLC. Since at least as early as January 2005, Biostar Technology International, LLC has used several variations of DIACOM, BIOSTAR and VECTOR as a trademarks for its many medical devices. In addition to its common law rights in many trademarks incorporating DIACOM, BIOSTAR and VECTOR also owns federal trademark application.

Biostar has spent a significant amount of time and energy developing the goodwill that consumers associate with its trademarks, and it must police infringing uses of trademarks incorporating VECTOR for related goods and services.

Biostar Technology

EUIPO Filing# 018145786  

Vector expert (EU)

Vector expert

EUIPO SN#018145786

Biostar NLS 

Biostar NLS (EU)

EUIPO SN#018203679

Diacom USA



Bruce Copen Laboratories

EUIPO SN#006741755