Mr. Ulysses Angulo-Sheretov

President and co-Founder

Mr. Sheretov’s career began in 1996 during the infancy of Information Technology and spanned for over 13 years. During this time, Mr. Sheretov developed his skills as a computer programmer and network architect.

Ing. Maria Sheretova

CEO and co-Founder

Mrs. Sheretova, received her Masters in Intl Trade and Business 2014 from University of Economics (VCE) in Prague, CZ and in 2016 founded Biostar Technology International, LLC for the advancement of alternative health and technology.

Ms. Evelyne Ustarroz

​​​Vice President, Sales

Ms. Ustarroz has been using his skills to advise the alternative health industry with reputable technology rooted in biological sciences. Having experienced a rampant misrepresentation of technology throughout the world, Ms. Ustarroz enjoys being dedicated to offering medical technology for the educated consumer.

Tom Huseby

BioRes Health, Sales

Tom brings his many years of IT knowledge and leads a monthly subscriber group for the Training of Various Health technologies. Having experienced a rampant misrepresentation of NLS technology, Tom leads the crusade against counterfeiting and enjoys the sales & training of Vector XP and Vector Expert software.