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LUX - ColorLab III (Standalone)


Biostar-LUX - ColorLab III (Professional)


biostar-lux-colorlab-iii.jpgThe Biostar-LUX - ColorLab III (Professional) has been specially developed for experts in the field of beauty and wellness. This system offers maximum flexibility through the use of special treatment modules, yet is easy to use. The patented light source always offers the optimum, effective spectrum for various applications in the field of light and colored light treatment. The following treatment modules are available for the Biostar-LUX - ColorLab III (Professional):

  • - SKIN CARE module 
  • - ANTI AGEING module 
  • - CELLULITE CARE module 
  • - Colored light treatment with (6) brilliant and effective modules
  • VIOLET Filter (Optional - not included)

There are many possibilities and accepted methods to use the Q.Light color light treatment independently as well as complementary in the cosmetics and wellness sector. For the application of the Biostar-LUX - ColorLab III (Professional) as a color treatment device special PROFESSIONAL color filter modules are used, which emit brilliant and effective colors. 

Cosmetic filter set (Optional - not included)

kosmetik-set.jpgThe Q.Light SKIN CARE modules were developed for special cosmetic treatments. These are used in cosmetic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic institutes.


Targeted use of the Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT stimulates, among other things, natural skin and tissue regeneration as well as cell processes, supports the immune system and stimulates the blood circulation.

The set contains the following cosmetic filters:

SKIN CARE: Skin Care General



treatment Biophysical effect of the cosmetic treatment modules: The Q.Light treatment stimulates, among other things, the collagens and elastins, which are significantly involved in the tightening of the skin. In addition, inflammation can be alleviated, the immune system strengthened and the entire metabolism can be boosted, which contributes to the fundamental skin regeneration. In addition, experience reports promise a clear improvement in the skin condition due to smoothness and suppleness, moisture and color. Skin irritations, which are often hormonal, can subside. Redness of various causes, even if possibly provoked by cosmetic applications, is usually reversed by subsequent Q.Light treatment.

These good results are achieved, inter alia, by the penetration depth and absorption of the photons into the skin and the tissue. Different wavelengths of light penetrate differentiated into the skin and tissue layers. All biological systems have specific absorption spectra, which determine which wavelength of the radiation is absorbed to achieve a biopositive effect. The individual Q.Light SKIN CARE modules are configured along the respective wavelengths for the respective applications. There are no known side effects or contraindications to the treatments listed so far.

Penetration depth of the different wavelengths into the skin:


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