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Biostar-Q Station Transporter (scalar wave medicine)

Physicians and alternative practitioners working with the scalar wave devices from Biostar Technology are conveying astonishing reports: The effects of homeopathics are being transmitted wirelessly, pain is being relieved or metastases eradicated. As each successful treatment initially constitutes a singular case of no statistical significance, expert conferences are being arranged annually where such singular cases are being presented and discussed, encouraging medical colleagues to follow suit. These reports are the focus of the documentation no. Biostar-Q Station TRANSPORTER scalar wave medicine, making no claim to completeness and intended to be interesting for everyone seeking new approaches towards a bloodless medicine free from side effects.

The devices discussed in documentation no.1 in terms of purely technical scalar wave experimentation have been developed further into the Biostar-Q Station TRANSPORTER for lab use and for wellness purposes. Their respective manuals can be found at the beginning of this documentation in order to facilitate the repeatability of the subsequently documented experiments and results.

This takes you straight into a conference of experts on the practical use of scalar waves, allowing you to follow the discussion and make up your own mind. New ground is broken when the paradigm is shifting from a medicine focused on materials and biochemistry towards a medicine based on information, conveyed by magnetic scalar waves.

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