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SuperTuning Essenz Fermented Probiotic

SuperTuning Essenz Fermented Probiotic

(Certified Vegan / Organic) - Product of Germany

Super Tuning Essence is a clinical strength fermented probiotic made from plant materials. Suitable for VEGAN Diets, this Liquid food is obtained by fermentation of plant ingredients only. The new SuperTuning Essenz (Certified Organic) - the fermented natural concentrate - pure and intense, natural and vegan. 31 nutritionally valuable organic raw materials are refined by the enzymatic process of sophisticated fermentation Propaferm® process.

Selected probiotic lactic acid bacteria create this complex interplay bioavailable essential micronutrients: Enzyme-forming amino acids, high-grade fatty acids phytochemical and vitamins.

certification-label.jpgThe modern day regularly provides that healthy and balanced diet is too short. The daily dose of SuperTuning Essenz (Certified Organic) is the easy balancing and. The SuperTuning Essenz will help you make better use of the nutrients and vital substances contained in the daily diet.

Your health coach for a conscious lifestyle:

  • bioavailable micronutrients
  • enzymes forming amino acids 
  • (+) - lactic acid
  • prebiotic factors
  • probiotic fermented
  • programable using Biostar Technology


Why is the SuperTuning Essenz (Certified Organic)?

organic-logo.pngFor the new SuperTuning Essenz (Certified Organic), we have worked out a new concept for patient care. As a carrier we use based on fermented plant materials organic essence. This “Bio-Essenz” has prebiotic properties. Even in low doses it acts as a "vaccination" and modulates the bacterial fermentation in the gut. It therefore supports the selective reproduction of important intestinal bacteria and influenced in this way the composition of the intestinal flora.

in SuperTuning Essenz organic essence remain with their prebiotic efficacy for fermentation lactic acid bacteria used. Thus the correct microorganisms can settle with health potential in the intestine and regenerate the environment and regulate.

This in itself has positive effects of the SuperTuning Essenz we call “Bio-Essenz”, you can customize for your patient with the Bioresonance therapies you can imprint frequencies on the organic essence and thus suit the individual needs of your patients found information from the individual testing of your patients with the Quantum Response® method of Quantum Response Testing.

 The SuperTuning Essenz (Certified Organic) are declared as food and can therefore simple and straightforward are delivered to your patients.

 What is special about the SuperTuning Essenz (Medical Ceritifed Organic)?

The SuperTuning Essenz “Bio-Essenz” is a concentrated fermentation drink from 31 selected vegetarian organic raw mateerials. The pure and intense SuperTuning Essenz “Bio-Essenz” is in Propaferm® - made procedure. A dilution does not take place, so even a low dose of the intense line is sufficient.

For the SuperTuning Essenz organic essence only nutritionally valuable ingredients are already possess a high content of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, fermented.

 The SuperTuning Essenz Bio Essence neither additives such as glycerol not added artificial or natural nutrients. It is free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. The SuperTuning Essenz “Bio-Essenz” is suitable and lactose free for Vegan diets.



What is fermentation?

Fermentation is a fundamental process in nature. This enzymatic process has the renovation and construction of natural products to the destination. Thereby affect various parameters relevant process and outcome.

An essential for human life fermentation is the digestion. In this complex nutrients under variable conditions in transformed usable substances for the organism. This does not succeed in all food components. Is this natural process also affected by predisposition, age, poor food choices, impaired intestinal flora or stress, the body does not take important nutrients in sufficient quantities.

Why does the holistic Propaferm® - fermented process?

In Propaferm® method, the relevant parameters for the fermentation are actively controlled and constantly monitored. It creates the optimal conditions for the enzymatic fermentation process. This leads, regardless of single- or multi-level course, the best result with optimum product properties. The Propaferm® process was developed by experienced fermentation specialists.

By the complete digestion enzymatically processed nutrients that are perfectly usable and ready to use for the organism arise. Carbohydrates and fat are consumed; Proteins lose by enzymatic degradation of their allergenic potential. Equally important phytochemicals are prepared and are in bioavailable form. 

The intensive SuperTuning Essenz organic essence produced by this holistic Propaferm® process with the selected for lactic acid bacteria. These probiotic lactic acid cultures are grown from plants specially.

When and how should the SuperTuning Essenz Bio Essence be used?


  • Shake before use. Use 5 drops, Daily 3 times before a meal or at bedtime are for the basic supply of the SuperTuning Essenz Bio Essence sufficient. Under special demands of everyday life even more servings per day are useful.


  • Fermented products taste sour because of their manufacturing process. Experience the exciting-tingling taste pure. In water or fruit juices, the SuperTuning Essenz “Bio-Essenz” can be very good to drink.
  • Drink the SuperTuning Essenz organic essence regularly. Feel the tingle in the mouth when the first vital substances are already being absorbed through the oral mucosa.
  • At first administration a course of treatment for 3 months is advisable in order to achieve a physiological effect. SuperTuning Essenz “Bio-Essenz” can also be taken permanently located.

Can there be adverse reactions?

Maybe SuperTuning Essenz organic essence stimulates the digestive organs. This reaction is natural and a sign of the impact on the body's regulation. Sensitive individuals start with a few drops in water or alternatively fruit juice and increase the amount as tolerated. Contains the following allergenic ingredients: nuts, celery


is the SuperTuning Essenz suitable organic essence for children?

Yes. Our SuperTuning “Bio-Essenz” is suitable for children.


Apples, grapefruits, lemons, apricots, figs, walnuts, green beans, mung bean, rose hips, onions, sprouts (peas, lentils), broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, coconuts, lentils, fennel, oats, flax seeds, peppers, sunflower seeds, artichokes, peas, brown millet, celery, ginger, poppy seeds, parsley, amaranth and turmeric.

Contains the following allergenic ingredients: nuts, celery

*All ingredients are organic certified.

Through the use of natural raw materials fluctuations are possible in taste and appearance. This does not affect the quality of the SuperTuning Essenz “Bio-Essenz”.

Nutritional Information

  • condensing                                          105 kJ / 25 kcal
  • protein                                                 0.9 g                                       
  • carbohydrates                                      5.3 g
  • {which sugars fructose}                                     <0.1 g
  • fat                                                        <0.1 g
  • hereof: saturated fatty acids                 <0.1 g
  • salt                                                       <0.01 g

 The SuperTuning Essenz organic line is free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. The SuperTuning Essenz organic line is vegan and lactose-free.

Storage and stability

The SuperTuning Essenz organic line is durable because of its acidic environment. The open bottle should be stored cool and always well sealed. In summer is preferable a place in the refrigerator. After opening SuperTuning Essenz Bio Essence should be used within 4 weeks. 

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