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nishant-matthews.jpgNishant Matthews is a gifted therapist and teacher with over 25 years experience. His classes are full of insight, wisdom, humour, and practical information for bringing light to the daily issues we all face. Nishant brings Presence. In the field of Presence, you have a chance to see yourself in new light, to hear yourself in a fresh way. Nishant knows many disciplines for understanding the body and psyche. Together with the ability to see and hear from Presence, Nishant’s skills open deep, meaningful channels for healthy relating within the body, heart, and soul. Nishant is the founder of Samassati Colour Therapy, the originator of the “Friend” style of Counselling, and the author of Light: The Master Matrix, and The Friend, published 2010.

“Knowing that it will be heard, the body is very willing to talk. Knowing that it is going to receive light, it is very happy to receive. A beautiful flow, back and forth, arises between practitioner and client.”

(Nishant Matthews in his book LIGHT - the Master Matrix).