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Fingernail & Tongue

Fingernail & Tongue Analysis Class

Why does a health consultant need to analyze the body based on the fingernails and tongue?

The fingernails show very openly characteristics that correspond to the different organs and bodily health. The fingernail regenerates every 6-8 months and shows the onset of illness markers slowly. The tongue replaces it’s top layer every 3 days. This fast rate of regrowth can trigger immediate detection of illness, faster than any other method.

A chronic disease would show up on both the nails and tongue, while a mild ailment may show up only on the tongue.

It is our plan to introduce this method of early self diagnosis as a health tool all can use.

Tips to Analyze your Own Fingernails and Tongue

  • A black thin line vertically on the fingernail indicates internal bleeding. If the line is close to the cuticle, that is possible deep, internal bleeding, such as digestive or intestinal bleeding.  If the black line is close to the tip of the nail, it could be more external, such as  bleeding hemorrhoids. If you have this indicator, see your doctor right away.
  • White spots on the nail could indicate  a kidney or hormonal imbalance, in men and women.  In men, it could be a prostate issue.   In women, it could be excess estrogen or other hormonal imbalance. For men and women, Cyperus Qi is a hormone balancer.  
  • Cherry AngiomaRed dots on the tongue could mean an estrogen dominance issue.   We get estrogen naturally, but also estrogen mimicking compounds can  result from environmental toxins, plastics and pesticides in our foods.  Estrogen dominance is prevalent in men and women. Cypress Qi and Azinat is the recommended remedy for estrogen dominance.
  • A wide brown line vertically on the nail is seen in many melanoma patients. See your doctor if you have this indicator
  • Ear CreaseA diagonal line on the earlobe could be a sign of heart disease or arterial blockage on that side of the body. VeinLite is a formulation for cardiovascular ailments.
  • A crease in the middle of the tongue shows digestive problems. Artemesia Qi is shown to assist with these issues.
  • A red tip on the tongue could be showing heart disease as well.
  • Skin tags generally indicate a colon problem . This issue can be helped with BioNutritionals.
  • Teethmarks on the side of the tongue are a sign of hypoglycemia.  

There are many other indicators of ailments in the body.  

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