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(CME) Complex Medical Expert

Significant time reduction in examination and healing.
Promotion of preventive measures in various conditions.
Improvement of healing efficiency due to the higher degree of personalization in choosing of effective remedies.
Improvement in the quality and capacity of disease preventive surveys in various population groups. 

CME-ERI is a highly sensitive, new generation spectral dynamic device, improving health and quality of life.

Safety - The device uses passive detection, which means detecting only naturally accruing electromagnetic field emitted by an object. It does not send active signals as is the case with ultrasonic, MR-imaging, or computer tomography, for example. ERI acts only as passive antenna thus not interfering with, or altering vital processes in a person’s body.

Speed - The spectral dynamic marker of the object’s state of health is obtained within seconds.

Interference - The presence of mobile phone, computers, or electric lines are taken into consideration of the ERI application then filtered out and does not influence the results of the examination.

Mobility - ERI was designed for use in various environments and conditions.

Correction of existing pathology - Another great advantage of ERI is the possibility of using Compensatory Adjustment to harmonize vitally important processes in the body.

This procedure is based on compensatory effect (decrease) of the pathologic activity under the influence of the inverted Spectral Dynamic signal. With such procedure it is possible to skew the balance between the negative activities of a disease and the immune system for the benefit of the latter. The impact of the protective immune system properties on the pathology is significantly magnified. As a result, properly conducted, analysis and compensatory adjustment, brings rapid improvement in the person's condition.

Based on the processed data ERI software application creates a report of spectra-dynamic markers which helps the operator to establish a level of balance necessary for healthy, normal functions. The markers contain the main statistical characteristics of a particular matter. Such markers can be created for proteins, cells or their groups, for organs and their systems, for the entire body systems and processes occurring in them and for all possible diversity of objects and processes in nature. All previously scanned and entered into the corresponding database, markers become the essential part of the software application.

CME-ERI Marker Database Evaluates the Following Areas

ORGANS,TISSUES : Gastrointest.tract, Cardiovascular system, Urology, Gynecology, CNS, Respiro s., Immune system, Oncology, Dermatology, Stomatology, etc.

METABOLITES: hormones, enzymes, aminoacids, neuromodulators, imunomodulators, neuropeptides

ETIOLOGICAL MARKERS : viruses, bacteries, fungi, parasites, toxins

ENVIRONMENTAL MARKERS: allergens, food, toxins, heavy metals, preservatives (E), etc.

DRUGS : allopatic, homeopatic, vitamines, microelements, food supplements

ERI Analytical Cloud System

  • Matching of the markers obtained by ERI scanning with those markers present in the database, allows for the effective comparative analysis of spectral characteristics of the investigated object. Great similarity between the markers means more accurate/definite findings in the properties of the researched object.
  • Such analysis helps with accurate assessment of the general state of health, and hierarchical relations between current processes.
  • During an examination all organ systems are simultaneously scanned for further comparative analysis. These analyses are carried out by the ERI application software. The comparison of the acquired data is made to the Spectral-Dynamic Markers’ data base pre-loaded on the ERI system. Then, with great accuracy, Spectral Dynamic Device reveals a wide range of normal or abnormal processes.
  • Based on the above mentioned findings, the operator of ERI is able to assess the overall state of person’s health. It makes it possible to observe important interactions in the body, what pathological processes are most active in the current moment, which etiological factors and to what extent influence the occurrence and development of diseases.
  • It is important to note that without determining the cause - effect relations and investigation of connections between the normal function and pathologic process, it is not possible to determine the best action plan to deal with the disease or to select the most optimum therapeutic approach.
  • To define these hierarchical processes ERI application uses a so called "algorithmic method of dominance."
  • In dealing with ERI system, the operator works with the analysis of dynamic hierarchy of processes in the matter. To study these phenomena, the developers of ERI applied mathematical formula of analysis of symmetry of groups "E." This formula was proposed by the Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie and found widespread use for the analysis of dynamic properties of the stellar systems, galaxies and clusters. It is important to note that the groups "Е" are divided into hierarchical categories of increasing complexity according to their field of application.
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