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Alex Tcherniak - Unauthorized Use Notification

Consumers should be aware, that this person will Troll the social groups, to spread misinformation, and untimely convince you to purchase counterfeit software. Maybe you even inadvertently purchased one, only to find out later that it wasn't the brand name product at an incredible price as advertised.

In the U.S., federal law protects copyrights and makes it illegal to knowingly traffic counterfeit goods, which includes the production, sale and transport of such goods.
Unfortunately, most counterfeiter dealers like Alex Tcherniak are targeting low price buyers, you can read his advertisement posted in a FB group. In his solicitation:
Alex Tcherniak he mixes in his counterfeit devices/software priced at below $2000, with "Legitimate equipment" in the price range of $35,000, and to double down, he claims the most accurate device is $60,000 leaving the buyer to speculate that their only hopes is to trust what he says since he proposes that he is a dealer of "Legitimate equipment". Don't be fooled by his false promises, you can see his tone change, when challenged. His vulgar and dishonest nature came out.... 

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