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Biophilia-NLS by Singularity

Updated: April 2024

Biostar Technology Promise:

"If you mistakenly purchased Biophilia-NLS from Singularity we will help you request a full refund from PayPal. When you submit proof of refund from PayPal to us, we will give you a Full Licensed copy of the Original Vector 2016 Software (that Singularity Stole)."

Due to theft of our software, we have had to enforce our software copyrights worldwide. While the brand name Vector has been used since before 2010 (see our Vector-NLS Trademark) The name "Vector" and similar devices are one of the most counterfeited devices on the market. Moreover, Counterfeit Vector devices are now made in China and Hong Kong of very low quality. Most consumers are not aware that these devices were originally hacked copies from our branch in Russia. Nowadays Due to China's hacking of the software, the counterfeit NLS software is vulnerable to injection of virus, ransomware and  spyware that allows the manufacturer to view into your computer at anytime and also disable or "blacklist" your device so they are completely unusable. Unfortunately most of these counterfeiters are targeting low price buyers and many Latin American countries, sadly taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers 

How to identify if I have a Counterfeit Copy?

Any company that is Selling or Distributing Biophilia-NLS software is doing so with the full knowledge that it STOLEN in late 2017, and old version of the Software from our company in Russia. In the image to your left, you can see DIGITAL FINGERPRINTS  of the software originated from ex-dealer from Russia. These illegal software copies were then HACKED by china, and then the graphics were replace to fool buyers into thinking the software originated from another company.



Cease and Desist Warning Letter was sent to Singularity

A letter was issued to the Owner of the Company in China. His immediate response was to admit that he did not obtain the proper copyright license for the use of our software. Leter below:

Note: Mr. Ken is a FAKE name

his real name with PayPal is 

Jin Rongju

Singularity China Admits to Counterfeiting 

See Email Response below:

The admission of Guilt from Ken
 Singularity China

Note: Mr. Ken is a FAKE name, his real name with PayPal is Jin Rongju

Anti-Piracy Reward:
If you purchased a Biophilia-NLS with PayPal we will help you request a full refund from PayPal. When you submit proof of refund from PayPal we will give you a Full Licensed copy of the Original Vector NLS Software.

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