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Khachatur Mkrtchyan Diacom-Technology

Ex-Vector Distributor becomes Self-proclaimed Inventor

How Khachatur Mkrtchyan built a company on Lies and Deception by Alexander Mizyak, CEO of Vector Ltd., Russia

I’m a doctor, since 1998. Worked on the NLS-systems of different manufacturers, know their strengths and weaknesses. In 2000 I opened a center of computer diagnostics “Nelian”, and directed that center for almost 12 years. In 2004, I was approached by Khachatur Davidovich Mkrtchyan (Unemployed engineer, who returned from Ecuador after a failed immigration) and he proposed that I travel with him to Ecuador and sell a few “Oberon.” After our trip we were left with one “Oberon” so I begin to teach him to work on it.

It was at that time that Khachatur became a distributor of my company. He use all the knowledge and training obtained from my company Vector, to secretly make a version of his own, called Diacom.
As you can see here, is the website registration of "Diacomsoft.com" and my name in the registration.
A short time after, Khachatur appeared as founder of the “corporation” Diacom “and brought” designed by talented programmers, engineers, designers and doctors “(as it was written on the website”DIACOM “) instrument of the same program.

During this time there was a miraculous transformation in Khachatur from a great admirer of “Oberon” to implacable enemy. He began to declare that “Oberon” is entirely fake, but “DIACOM” the best NLS diagnostic system out there. But for some reason the scheme or software of “Oberon” and “Diacom” were very similar, and program “Diacom NLS» («Nexus» later) differed from the “Metapatia 3” only in name and the color of the interface (I can put screenshots interfaces).
Later it turned out, “corporation” includes himself and his wife, a “talented team” -which was plain fantasy. He just invited the specialists for one-time jobs to develop the program. He had many problems at the time of development, not to mention with doing the work. Despite the very favorable terms of cooperation we have not developed because Khachatur was extremely sensitive about criticism, and, most importantly, did not consider it necessary to perform its obligations. Subsequently, he has done this more than once, it is his “corporate identity”: using people for his needs and throwing them out when he is finished.

Relationships he builds on these principles: “I take what I want, I do what I want and my words are commands.” He made an exception for Yuri Troyan (which I introduced him to), because he needed a partner in the Czech Republic, where He moved (Yuri lived there for a long time and was “in the know” -Works to “Oberon”).

His schemes failed only with the Chinese. For the first time, instead of him deceiving them, they have deceived him. ”

  1. It turns out, the capital Khachatur Davidovich earned by selling “fake” “Oberon” set him up to develop his own brand.
  2. “Diacom” – Flesh of “Oberon” program “Diacom NLS» and «Nexus» is a twin of “Metapathia 3” and “Urmium” – their lame sister.
  3. Fraudulent hype is the corporate identity of DIACOM.
  4. “Vector” is certainly better than the Diacom.

Khachatur Mkrtchyan Commits Trademark Fraud against Biostar Technology

On September 01, 2016, the company "Khachatur Mkrtchyan - Diacom Technology" along with Khachatur Mkrtchyan (himself), Oleh Molyovko and Olga Slepenuk were co-conspirators to the attempted registration of a counterfeit trademark which was nearly identical that of Biostar NLS. Here is the Link to Fraudulent Trademark

The final decision by the Czech Trademark board resulted in a Negative Termination.  This ruling deemed that [Khachatur Mkrtchyan (himself), Oleh Molyovko and Olga Slepenuk were co-conspirators] attempted to procure registration in the Patent and Trademark Office of a mark by a false or fraudulent declaration or representation, oral or in writing, or by any false means, and they are liable in a civil action by any person injured thereby for any damages sustained in consequence thereof.


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